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Summit Host Hangout

Sep 27, 2022

Since I teach about summits, people often assume that I don't deal with the normal mindset issues that come up for everyone else. But that is totally not the case.

In this episode, I'm breaking down the 5 biggest fears I had before launching a premium course through a summit for the first time along with one fear I...

Sep 20, 2022

Hosting a virtual summit is a powerful way to connect with peers in a way that can lead to powerful collaborations, opportunities, and friendships down the road.

However, it's easy to let those connections and relationships fade once the event is over and miss out on much of the opportunity that a summit can bring.


Sep 13, 2022

Recently, I worked up a presentation outline of different marketing strategies and where they fit in a funnel. When I got to a summit, my mind was blown all over again when I realized just how effectively a summit serves as an entire funnel, from lead generation to launch.

In this episode, we'll cover what a funnel is,...

Sep 6, 2022

You couldn't host your virtual summit without your speakers, which means you couldn't have an incredible launch without them either.

But...are speakers bothered when you use a summit to lead into a launch? The truth is, it depends on how you do it!

In this episode, I'll cover what to avoid when you're...