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Summit Host Hangout

Feb 25, 2020

Building interest and excitement around your summit doesn't need to wait until a couple weeks before it starts. In this episode with Abby Herman we're breaking down when to start talking about your summit, what to talk about, and how to encourage your speakers to join in on the fun. For show notes, head...

Feb 18, 2020

The more engaging your summit is, the more you, your speakers, and your attendees will get out of it. To help you make a powerful engagement plan, in this episode we're going over how to craft an engaging event, including 18 ideas to get you started. For show notes, head to

Feb 11, 2020

Not sure when to host your summit or how many speakers to have? In this episode I'm answering all your schedule and timing questions including when the best time is to host a summit, what day of the week it should start, how many speakers you should have, and more! For show notes, head to

Feb 4, 2020

A summit can be a powerful part of your sales funnel, but only if you have the pieces in place. In this episode with Aleia Walker we'll break down how not having a funnel is leaving money on the table, how to use a summit as a part of your funnel both as a host and as a speaker, what to do if you don't have an offer to...