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Summit Host Hangout

Dec 31, 2019

Have you heard someone say that online summits don't work? I have and, as you'd probably guess, I have some pretty strong feelings about it and in this episode you'll hear all about them. Word of caution: my soapbox makes an appearance.

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Dec 26, 2019

Are virtual summits on their way out? Let's chat about it! In this episode we'll cover why people might say that summits are on their way out, my response to that, the types of summits that *are* indeed on their way out, and how to make sure you host a summit that gets results. For show notes, head...

Dec 24, 2019

For the last episode in our series on promoting your summit, we'll do a fun Q&A session! We'll talk about when to start promoting your summit, what promo resources to provide speakers, unique ways to promote, and when to expect the most signups to come in. For show notes, head to

Dec 19, 2019

Not sure how to promote your summit on Pinterest? You're not alone! In this episode with Meagan Williamson, we're breaking down the amount of time you need to promote a summit on Pinterest, what that promotion should look like, and an overview of promoted pins. For show notes, head to

Dec 17, 2019

Facebook ads for your summit don't have to be expensive or complicated and that's exactly what we'll chat about in this episode with Tony Rulli. We'll talk about Facebook ad strategies to start with, a minimum budget and how to scale it, and where to start if you've never run ads. For show notes, head...